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Our Philosophy

Dev Nandini Hospital has been serving people with world class medical facilities since more than 8 years. With a numberof specialties and super specialties, the hospital has become an epitome of advanced and modern medical services.


·        General & Laparoscopic

·         Surgery

·         Orthopedics

·         Obs & Gyn

·         Internal Medicine

·         Pediatrics

·         ENT

·         Ophthalmology

·         Dermatology

·         TB &Chest

·         Psychiatry

Allied Specialties

·         24×7 Blood Bank (Whole Blood, Platelets, Components, FFP)

·         Radiology & Imaging (USG, Echo, Color Doppler, Plain and Contrast CT and MRI) Pathology

·         Emergency and Ambulance Services

Almost the entire hospital is Air conditioned and is centrally piped for Oxygen and suction.

The ICU complex which can be portrayed as one of the best has dedicated staff, ventilators, multipara monitors, defibrillators, infusion pumps and other requisites.

DNH has augmented its services in the field if Super specialties which are now operational around the clock with in house Consultants in various super specialties:

·         Neurosurgery

·         Cardiothoracic Surgery

·         Gastro Surgery

·         Burn and plastic Surgery

·         Vascular Surgery

·         Bariatric Surgery

·         Neurosciences

·         Joint Replacement Surgery

DNH has been frequently organizing health checkups, lectures and free camps for the poor in rural areas where otherwise the patients are deprived of the necessary medical care and attention.

Our sincere effort to stick to the motto of making the vicinity healthy is relentless.

World class patient care-

We at Dev Nandini Hospital have comprehensive patient care set up to provide world class diagnostic and therapeutic treatments to our patients. Our latest technologies and equipment have made us evolve into a rare center of excellence. We believe in offering dedicated services to humanity and thus we offer round the clock services in the department of emergency, critical care ambulance, Accidental, imaging and laboratory. Our Blood bank is also equipped with latest state-of-the-art equipments to collect, process and supply human blood as needed including facilities for plasmapherasis.

Research power house

We at Dev Nandini Hospital have been consistently bridging the innovative science with state-of-the-art equipments and clinical medicines. We undertake extensive research with our annual research budget. The funds are employed in discovering the breakthroughs in basic and clinical research to transform patient care.

Setting the bar for quality and safety

What matters the most to us is safety, better patient care, effectiveness, efficiency, equity and patient center. Our approach is quality and safety. These parameters are our goals and we measure our performance towards these goals and track our progress towards these only. To ensure that we deliver high quality services and higher safety standards to our patients, we compare ourselves against these parameters.

Reaching out the community

Our endeavors are always premised on the needs of patients and their families. We make sure to partner with the communities to build, improvise and sustain better health services. To us what matters the most is the quality of health care services that we offer to our patients and thus we ensure well being of each and every person associated with us either as a patient, Doctor, Nurse or other staff members.

We aim at delivering better health care services in a safe and compassionate environment to our patients guided by their needs and requirements. Our consistent, innovative research and education fosters better health care environment through state-of-the-art techniques and equipments. We aim to offer well being of the diverse communities we serve. We are recognised for offering highest quality services and our expertise covers virtually all the specialties.

About Patient Care- DNH believes in delivering the best patient care with passion and empathy. To improve care for patien , Life Line Hospital aims to deliver better seamless and integrated medical services to the people by new medical technologies and systems.

About Social Responsibility- DNH runs various awareness programmes for common diseases like BRAIN STROKE, HEAT STROKE, PSYCHIATRIC ILLNESSES, HEAD INJURY, MENINGITIS for focussed for Doctors, health care professionals & common public.


  • To provide efficient and effective services affordable and desirable to patients and referring clinicians.
  • To be the major specialist health care provider for the population of Azamgarh and the eastern U.P.
  • To provide additional services for the local population.
  • To support the principle of local access wherever possible.
  • To provide services which are quick and easy to access and provide an excellent patient experience.
  • To educate people regarding early treatment and late rehabilitation for diseases

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