Electrocardiogram or ECG is nothing but one kind of medical test, which is conducted to diagnose any kind of issue with the electrical activity of the patient’s heart. ECG test is one such kind that helps to render the complete electrical activity of the heart on paper, particularly in the form of line tracings. All these line tracings indeed have spikes and plunges, more commonly known as waves.

The efficiency of this medical device is definitely very effective. It is the device, which is placed in the patient’s heart and can also be assured to get every checking done authentically. There are some more devices, which helps comprehend the complete working of our heart, like a pacemaker that is used to get a normal heart beat at its helm. Doctors may as well use such kind of test, to check the heart health in case there is the presence of any medical conditions like diabetes, a family history of heart disease and even at times high cholesterol.

What is the procedure?


A health expert or even some experienced professionals always carry out ECG Test, the result of which is then interpreted by a doctor, to recognize the kind of disease, which you are suffering from. In fact, it is also true that this test can be read by the following doctors or specialists:

  1. Cardiologist
  2. Electrophysiologist
  3. Surgeon
  4. Anaesthesiologist

Hence, it can be concluded that this is a test, which can be suggested to you by your physician in order to monitor all your heart activities.


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